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Creative Alliance 

Our mission is to help build alliances that foster meaningful opportunities for arts education and engagement in our community and beyond.

Who We Are

We believe every student deserves a strong arts experience within their school. If we desire to create modern 21st century students who are creative and innovative across curriculums, the arts must be consistent and integrated in all schools.

Creative Alliance seeks to:

  •  Encourage awareness of the benefits of arts education in public schools.

  •  Provide needed resources to arts programs in public schools, including workshops, performances, arts-related materials, field trips and demonstrations to enhance the arts curriculum.

  •  Promote local artists and arts-related organizations that help support arts education.

  • Build relationships that share our vision for an adequate and consistent arts education experience in all public schools. 

  • Forward connections in the arts among our community and public schools and create future supporters of the arts.

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Some of the consequences of public education modeled after the industrial age is that “many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they are not, because the thing they were good at in school was not valued or stigmatized.


We cannot afford to go on like that.”

Sir Kenneth Robinson

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What We Do

Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

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Helping The Community

Creative Alliance partners with Artists and the community to raise awareness and funds for our Fayette County Public Schools. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our Reimagine Exhibit.

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Professional Development

Our professional development workshops focus on the instructional needs of arts educators, offering resources to support and meet the Kentucky and National Art Education standards. Within the design of each of our workshops, we also feature the professional expertise of one of our local artists.


Reinforcing our Commitment

At Creative Alliance we love to get involved in the community. Please contact us if you would like us to be a part of your community event and help us bring art education to families. 

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Reimagine Exhibit 2019

In 2019 we teamed up with 28 local artists and 7 local schools. This exhibit is unique in that it pairs children’s art with local artists who each interpret a single child’s piece using their own style and medium. Both the child’s art and the artist’s piece hang side by side at our exhibit. This gives our children a great opportunity to display their art in a public exhibit, and witness artists at work using the child’s piece as inspiration in a gallery setting.

The proceeds from the silent auction of the collaborative originals helped provide arts-related resources for local public schools in Lexington, Nicholasville, and Richmond, KY. Your support of REIMAGINE 2019 is appreciated and helps further our mission of building a stronger arts foundation for kids through community collaboration. Creative Alliance thanks you for your support.

Upcoming Events

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Support Creative Alliance

With your help, we can continue to expand our efforts to build a stronger arts foundation for public schools in our community.

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Contact Creative Alliance 

Get in touch with Creative Alliance to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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Thank you to all of our Creative Alliance Sponsors!!

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