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In this exhibit, the artist has chosen a local child’s drawing that he or she was inspired by. The artist REIMAGINES the student's drawing in their own style and medium. We auction off the collaborative originals to raise funds for public school art programs in Fayette and surrounding counties.

Thank you to everyone who came and made this year great!! And a special thank you to our 2019 Reimagine Sponsors, Artists, Student's, and Teachers. 

2019 Artwork

ABout Reimagine:

“The inspiration behind the concept for this exhibit comes from my daughter Grace. She has regularly created abstract line drawings since the age of three. I started recreating her drawings using my own style and medium. I love having an artistic partnership with her. All of our collaborative pieces are signed with a combination of my name and hers. I imagined this would be a great idea for a fundraiser, on a larger scale, to help public school arts programs in need.”

-Lori Barnett, Founder/President for CAAE

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